HTC Desire X review

Yet another mid-range HTC smartphone

HTC Desire X review
The definitive HTC Desire X review

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Battery life

The HTC Desire X comes packing a 1,650mAh battery under its flimsy plastic cover, which can be removed and replaced with a larger offering if you so wish.

HTC Desire X review

Coming in at a shade bigger than its rivals, you'll be able to get a full days use out of the Desire X without too much bother.

HTC claims that the battery in the Desire X will be good for 1,200 minutes of talktime and 750 hours of standby, however these figures never reflect real world usage.

HTC Desire X review

We were able to make several calls, send a large number of texts, browse the web and our social networks, play a couple of games and watch a YouTube clip without having to fear for our Desire X's battery.

If you're more conservative with your usage, you'd probably be able to eek out a couple days on the Desire X before having to plug it in, but if you constantly hammer if all day, you'll be rushing to a plug sooner rather than later.


HTC Desire X review

There are plenty of connectivity options with the HTC Desire X, with the standard Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, A-GPS and 3G network support all present and correct.

You get a microUSB port on the left hand side of the handset for charging and connecting to a computer, however we'd much prefer it if it was located at the bottom of the handset, as the cable gets in the way when you use the Desire X.

There's also a Wi-Fi hotspot function, allowing you to share your data connection with tablets and laptops, while DLNA support means you can stream content between the HTC Desire X and other compatible devices.

There's no NFC present in the HTC Desire X, with the more budget focussed handset missing out on the up and coming technology which is yet to take the mobile world by storm.

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