HTC Desire X review

Yet another mid-range HTC smartphone

HTC Desire X review
The definitive HTC Desire X review

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The HTC Desire X finds itself in a very difficult place in the market, with a large number of handsets floating around its price bracket and blurring the lines between different ranges.

It's clear to see that the Desire X falls into the lower end of the mid-market, and while it's an attractive and well built handset it doesn't really stand out from the crowd.

We liked

Overall the HTC Desire X is enjoyable to use, the intuitive Sense 4.1 overlay makes it easy to navigate round Ice Cream Sandwich, which runs smoothly on the 1GHz dual-core processor.

As a media device the Desire X performs well, with the Beats Audio technology enhancing music tracks as well as audio in films, and while the 4-inch display may not be HD, it stills provides a good enough picture to watch a movie on.

The stylish design does help set the Desire X slightly apart from its competition, and HTC has really nailed the design of late on all its handsets from the Desire C to the One X.

We disliked

The 5MP camera on the back of the HTC Desire X leaves a lot to be desired, especially when you consider the cheaper Orange San Diego offers up an 8MP snapper with 1080p recording.

Front facing cameras don't make up a person's mind when it comes to purchasing a phone, but with HTC shunning it, along with NFC technology, its more things to go against the handset when compared in store.

As much as we like the design of the Desire X, the back cover has been poorly developed, with the thin, flimsy plastic feeling very delicate and we were constantly concerned about breaking part of it off.


The HTC Desire X is a decent mid-range phone which offers up a smartphone experience you've come to expect from handsets which cost around £200.

It's doesn't offer anything particularly thrilling, nor does it having any major flaws and while the design is welcoming and the UI intuitive, we can't help but feel HTC hasn't pushed the Desire X to its full potential.

Of course if HTC were to add a front facing camera, NFC technology and improved rear camera the Desire X would suddenly blow the One V out of the water, so it needs to be refined in some areas so it fits the price tag.

If you're looking for a stylish and affordable Android handset the Desire X is certainly an attractive option, but if you want a bit more bang for your buck it's worth taking a look at the San Diego, Samsung Galaxy S Advance and Sony Xperia P.

Thanks to Unlocked-Mobiles for getting the HTC Desire X to us in super quick time!

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