HTC Desire S: Comparison

The HTC Desire S is certainly a worthy successor to the original Desire, offering a superb Android experience.

HTC desire s

Even though we're seeing dedicated Facebook phones, such as the INQ Touch Cloud, you'd be hard pressed to find anything that does it better than HTC Sense.

Windows Phone 7 handsets such as the HTC 7 Mozart and LG Optimus 7 give it a run for Facebook integration, so check them out if that's an area you're interested in.

HTC 7 mozart

The Desire S just about manages to differentiate itself from HTC's own wide range by being the first to feature Android 2.3, besting the HTC Incredible S and HTC Desire HD.

HTC incredible s

The iPhone 4 is the elephant in the room, as ever. The Desire S has more built-in options, and offers widgets and other features that aren't available on iOS, but the iPhone remains a smoother web browsing phone and offers slicker interface performance overall.