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HTC Desire C review
HTC's new budget phone looks to set the bar at the bottom end


No surprise here when we tell you the HTC Desire C comes with the excellent Google Maps pre-installed.

The feature-packed application offers up a huge array of options including traffic updates, route creation and street-view – perfect for those with a pastime in stalking.

HTC Desire C review

Thanks to the A-GPS inside the Desire C the handset was able to lock down our location in around five seconds (down to just under 3 when Wi-Fi is connected) and then managed to track our movements without too much hassle, however we found it slightly lagged every now and then as the 600MHz processor struggled to keep up.

Scrolling around the maps isn't the fastest experience we've had, as there is a few seconds of waiting while the Desire C renders new areas and the experience feels stuttery as the low powered handset is pushed to its limits.

HTC Desire C review

But remember the HTC Desire C is a budget handset, which also offers turn-by-turn navigation thanks to Google's free service, so considering you're also getting a sat-nav for £130, we can't complain too much.


The HTC Desire C hasn't been overloaded with additional applications, but we were disappointed to see the lack of a Twitter app pre-installed considering both Facebook and Google+ are present straight out of the box.

Due to the Desire C's budget stance, there are not as many pre-installed apps as found on its bigger brothers, the One V, One S and One X – but that can easily be rectified with a visit to Google Play, the one stop shop for all your applications needs.

HTC Desire C review

However HTC also puts its own HTC Hub store onto its phones, offering a more refined selection of apps from Google Play, which saves you sifting through reams of redundant applications trying to find the one you want.

As mentioned in the media section, the Desire C comes with 7 Digital, a music store allowing you to purchase and download your favourite tracks, and the Dropbox app goes hand in hand with the free 25GB account given to all HTC owners.

The Dropbox app is easy to use, allowing you to browse all the folders and files you have stored on the cloud-based system.

You can also quickly upload content from the Desire C, and you can set the Gallery to auto-sync with your DropBox account, so all your precious snaps are saved remotely, just in case your phone meets a nasty end in a pint of beer.

HTC Desire C review

Google's Play Books and Play Movies applications come pre-installed, giving you instant access to a wide range of ebooks and movies for rent.

Both apps work well, but you may find the Desire C's screen a bit small for reading and watching films – it may be worth exploring the Ascend G300 if that's you kind of thing.

HTC Desire C review

If you're more business focussed then Polaris Office also sits on the Desire C, allowing you to read Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents, although once again ease of use is hampered by the smaller display on this budget HTC handset.

HTC Desire C review

HTC Desire C review

Polaris Office is integrated with DropBox and SkyDrive – allowing you to easily access documents stored in the cloud.

SoundHound, an alternative to Shazam, comes pre-installed on the HTC Desire C, providing a variety of options, including music recognition – hold up the handset to a song and SoundHound will tell you the name and the artist.

On top of this, SoundHound will also provide you with the lyrics, ways to purchase and download the track along with other information about the artist and song.