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HTC 7 Trophy review

Is the cheap price of this Windows Phone 7 handset worth the sacrifices?

HTC 7 Trophy
The definitive HTC 7 Trophy review

Our Verdict

Windows Phone 7 needs some tweaks here and there, but we couldn't put the HTC 7 Trophy down. A brilliantly usable and stunningly fast phone with few peers in its price range.


  • Beautiful operating system
  • Fast and highly responsive
  • Great Facebook integration
  • Good music playback with SRS Enhancement
  • Free on contract


  • OS is still missing some features
  • Battery life is a bit disappointing
  • Camera was a let down, especially video recording
  • Can't expand the 8GB storage
  • Awkward sleep/wake button

The assault of Windows Phone 7 devices may seem like a bit too much to take in, but we beg you to forget the HTC HD7, the HTC 7 Mozart, the Samsung Omnia 7 and the LG Optimus 7 and just take a few minutes to appreciate the HTC 7 Trophy.

It doesn't have the unique apps the LG came with, or the fancy camera on the Mozart, or the HD7's screen, but it does have an arguably even better trick up its sleeve.

The Trophy is available for free, from just £25 per month. None of the others can match that, and the list of sacrifices to make this sort of price is minimal.

The 3.8-inch WVGA screen may not match the HD7's monster display, but it's still pretty large. Similarly, while the 5-megapixel camera and LED flash may not match what's on the Mozart, it's hardly at the poor end of the spectrum.

HTC 7 trophy

It's got the same 1GHz processor speed you'd expect to find humming along in all the Windows Phone 7 handsets, although the 8GB internal memory is admittedly beaten by some of its peers.

That storage isn't user-expandable, but using Microsoft's Zune software it's easy to get media onto the device.

HTC provides some apps to differentiate its Windows phones from the others, including the HTC Hub, which replicated the animated weather and clock that both Android users and former Windows Mobile owners will be familiar with.

HTC 7 trophy

With Facebook integration permeating just about every aspect of the handset, Microsoft definitely wants its mobile operating system to be thought of as 'social'.

HTC 7 trophy

Although it lacks third-party multitasking, apps are available from the Marketplace, while Xbox Live integration adds something for gamers, including the ability to import their avatar from their Xbox 360 console.