Alcatel OT-980 review

Budget Android twisted together with a QWERTY keyboard

Alcatel OT-980
The definitive Alcatel OT-980 review

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There is just 70MB of available memory, which is a ridiculously small amount for a modern smartphone. You'll need a microSD card to store music files if you want to use the Alcatel OT-980 to play them, and as mentioned, there isn't one in the box. Bad Alcatel.

The streaming radio player mentioned earlier is not joined by an FM radio, so your only other source of music is the Android media player. This has no trouble picking up music from anywhere on a microSD card, and it found album art we put into folders with our tunes too.

Alcatel ot-980

Alcatel ot-980

You've got the usual ability to manage playlists, shuffle and repeat tunes, set tunes as ringtones and so on, but nothing to set the world alight with excitement.

The 3.5mm headset connector on the upper right edge of the casing means you can use your own headphones instead of the ones Alcatel provides.

That is a good thing, as the quality of Alcatel's headphones leaves a fair bit to be desired, and they are those flat in-ear options that we find just don't stay put in our own lugholes.

Alcatel ot-980

Video playback is fancy enough with H.263, H264 and MPEG4 supported, but nothing like DivX on the cards for a full range of files.

Video playback is full-screen but can be jerky, and the TFT screen doesn't do anything like justice to the deep rich colours that might be on your original movie. The screen is quite reflective too, and you'll notice this most when watching movie footage or when trying to frame photos outdoors.