Alcatel One Touch Idol X review

A mid-price, high spec smartphone

Alcatel One Touch Idol X review
Slim and featured packed

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Alcatel One Touch Idol X review

Google Maps is included on the One Touch Idol X as part of the Google apps bundled with the handset and worked as to be expected - hence the reason for its popularity.

It was quick to load, but was just off correctly showing the direction we were facing after five minutes of usage, but apart from that it held its ground against competitors like HERE maps from Nokia.

Google Maps on the Idol X contains the same features as the Google Maps website which easily allows us to search and find several routes to a desired location, and the app supports directions by foot, car, bike and public transport.

Tapping the icon in the bottom left corner brings ups the options panel enabling us to change the layout of the map to a satellite view. However, 3D maps and points of interest including buildings rendered in 3D, were unavailable without downloading the Google Earth app from the Google Play Store.

Google maps are associated with your Goggle account, so your search history is saved allowing you to simply start to type the first few letters of a recently searched location to bring it to the top of the suggestions list.

Alcatel One Touch Idol X review

After searching and finding the desired location, the maps app will provide you with reviews from other users along with a street view of the location. The ability to share of favourite destinations is also available in the app.

Other maps and transit service apps are also available from the Google Play Store if Google Maps do not live up to your high standards.


When you receive the Alcatel One Touch Idol X you will find the device comes with a lot of pre-installed app, some useful and some not so useful.

As you would expect the device includes the basic features such as: clock, which doubles up as an alarm, calculator and calendar.

Alcatel One Touch Idol X review

Because the Idol X can handle so much more than the basics the Google Play Store offers a portal to literally thousands off apps, some free and some paid.

Google have pre installed some of their popular apps like YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Play Music and G+ Photos plus a couple more.

Alcatel offers some useful, but hardly ever used apps like flashlight and compass for those emergency situations on the Android 4.2 device, but none take up too much of the precious 16GB on internal storage, as you will be left with 12.7GB of space to play with from the first day of usage.

The Idol X makes it really simple and easy to organize apps. Hold down on an icon until the apps start to wiggle, then drag and drop the app where you please. To tidy things up when you start to clutter the home screen pages, you can create folders.

Just follow the same process but this time place the app on top of an app you want it to be grouped with, and just like magic, a new folder has been created and is waiting to be renamed.

This can be good to group similar apps together, for example travel apps, so you do not end up flicking through pages of apps to find the one you need.