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e-Pens Mobile Notes for iPad review

The quest for the perfect iPad stylus continues apace

e-Pens Mobile Notes for iPad
e-Pens Mobile Notes for iPad


  • More accurate than a standard stylus
  • Easy to calibrate


  • Lag in some apps
  • No pressure sensitivity
  • Cannot work with newer models with lightning connector
  • Price
  • Requires a lot of re-calibration

With a Bluetooth dongle that plugs into the dock connector on your iPad, e-pen's Mobile Notes digital pen uses a fine nib, supposedly allowing for greater accuracy in drawing and writing.

The stylus is solid metal, with removable hard nibs in the vein of a Wacom graphics tablet pen, plus a capacitive nib on the unused end for non-supported apps. It currently only works with a handful of apps, including MyScript Notes Mobile, Noteshelf and ibisPaint, and calibration is required for each.

Your iPad can be used in portrait or landscape mode and we found the optimum position was at the top, though it meant using the iPad upside down.

When it comes to handwriting, we found the pen's accuracy depends on the app used. In MyScript, results were poor, with writing and rendering lagging behind the stylus, giving us less control the further we went down the screen. But with Noteshelf, the control was much more reliable (albeit not perfect), even when writing quickly.

When drawing in ibisPaint, the lack of accuracy made anything more than a simple sketch difficult, especially without pressure sensitivity.

At nearly twice the price of the Pogo Connect, it doesn't offer twice the quality or accuracy, and also won't work on newer iPads with Lightning connectors.