Sony Xperia Tablet S review

Thinner, lighter and splashproof

Sony Xperia Tablet S review
The Tablet S has gone on a diet and earned a new interface design

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The Sony Xperia Tablet S has a Full HD 1080p video camera that can shoot at 30fps, but despite that we weren't very impressed with it.

First off, being part of the main camera app it's subject to the same crashes we experienced when taking photos.

There also aren't many settings to tweak here - you can change the exposure and white balance or add a time lapse interval, but that's all.

It handles fast moving objects reasonably well (particularly considering there aren't any 'action' or 'sport' scene modes). However, there isn't much detail, and even a little bit of camera shake causes it to lose focus.

Results when indoors are similar to when outdoors - OK but low on detail. Moving while filming is a non-starter thanks to how quick it is to lose focus, though at least it refocuses quickly too.

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