Orange Tahiti review

Orange's first own-branded 7-inch Android tablet

Orange Tahiti
Huawei made the 7-inch Android tablet for Orange

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Orange tahiti review

With a comprehensive browser offering, the Orange Tahiti's basic Android web access ticks all the boxes. Tabbed browsing and the well placed option to scroll back and forth between viewed pages are welcome inclusions that can often be overlooked on portable devices.

Offering fast load times and quick content rendering when accessing either via the tablet's Wi-Fi or 3G connections, the Orange Tahiti cuts corners slightly by offering marginally lower quality in-page images on a number of websites compared to some other devices.

Giving you a well laid out, spacious browsing experience, the Orange Tahiti doesn't feel cramped or restrictive when accessing web content. The browser bar enables instant access to bookmarked pages as well as the standard refresh and quick search access.

Tabbed browsing, much like that on the 8.2-inch Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition, enables a seamless and easy to use web experience in which users can quickly flick between a number of open websites, with no lag or rendering issues.

But the user browsing experience can be further enhanced via the readily available drop-down menu, which offers incognito browsing, the ability to search within a webpage and quick links to save and share web pages.

Apps and games

Orange tahiti review

On the apps front, the Orange Tahiti once again runs firmly along the well trodden path of full Android integration, with a well-rounded and expansive array of apps available, and more to be found on the Android Market.

The middle-ground 7-inch display copes well with software that has been developed primarily with the throng of 3-point-something-inch smartphones and 10.1-inch tablets in mind.

Orange tahiti review

Thanks to the tablet's 1.2GHz processor and 512MB of RAM, the Orange Tahiti is more than capable of flipping between a number of apps with little pause or issue.

More robust games are covered with zero fuss and impressive graphical quality and fluidity.

Orange tahiti review

An issue we did have during our time testing the Orange Tahiti's app abilities, however, was a repeated crashing of the Android Market. Bringing itself to an abrupt and unexplained halt on a number of occasions, the Android Market crashed during the browsing and download of several apps.

Although the issue was present when connected to a Wi-Fi network, the problems seemed more frequent when attempting to use the service via a 3G connection.

Orange tahiti review

While you're also given the option of downloading applications via the Orange website, the minimalist offering is largely overshadowed by the broader range, higher quality and better presentation on the Android Market collection.

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