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Orange Tahiti
Huawei made the 7-inch Android tablet for Orange

Orange tahiti review

Setting itself apart from all previous network-branded devices, the Orange Tahiti raises its own bar and then fails to meet all of its increased expectations.

Although aesthetically impressive and a tablet that would be handled in public with pride, the Orange Tahiti falters in a number of areas where, due to some impressive specs and performances, you would expect it to do better.

We liked

A reinvigorating push for the 7-inch tablet market, the Orange Tahiti surprised us with its zippy processor and responsive, judder- and issue-free interface that ticks all the boxes when it comes to basic use and standard user functionality.

The tablet's browser is another plus point, with the standard Android affair providing fast load times and a joyful web experience that is further bolstered by the tablet's easy to set up and strong Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity options.

Although the Orange Tahiti liked to chew its way through data, the inclusion of the mobile connectivity option bolsters the tablet's appeal, with strong coverage enabling immersive web browsing at will.

Hard to overlook, the Orange Tahiti's design is impressive on multiple fronts. Although pieced together by a company not renowned for its stunning tech, the Huawei-manufactured Orange Tahiti is eye-catching, with an untainted aesthetic giving the device a high-end air of authority.

We disliked

Clearly not a tablet created with heavy media usage in mind, despite its ultra-portable form, the Orange Tahiti failed to impress with its below par audio and visual abilities.

A grainy, low quality camera that suffers from poor light management and flat colours can be overlooked by those users not gripped by how many megapixels every device has. But the Orange Tahiti's screen issues are harder to forgive.

At times unresponsive, causing a stuttering to use, the slightly muted colours and yellowing of what should be crisp whites is hard to get used to. This down point is one that would nag at users long after purchasing the tablet, and throughout the compulsory 24 month contractual period.

Final verdict

A brilliant example of the potential of the tablet market, the Orange Tahiti is a device that will no doubt widely impress the entry-level user that has not been exposed to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Apple iPad 2 or Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime.

Compared to this selection of competitors, however, the Huawei-manufactured tablet comes up slightly short.

The Orange Tahiti is a great own-branded tablet form a retailer that is looking to push the device much in the same way as it would a handset, with a small one-off payment plus monthly contractual fees. But there are certainly better devices on the market that, in the long run, would prove better value for money.

An up and down collection of hit and miss features, Orange's first foray into the tablet market is one that will appeal greatly to those with few high-end expectations of their first tablet. But it'll similarly fail to fully impress the hardened tech fan more comfortable with the tried and trusted hardware brands.