EE Harrier Tab review

The new EE Harrier is one of the best budget tablets around

One of the best budget tablets TechRadar has used

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The EE Harrier Tab is a tablet of greater taste than its shiny-as-you-like fake metal rear might suggest. It doesn't have an EE-heavy interface, performs very well, and has a practical design that is both light and practical.

If the idea of a 4G tablet appeals, this is one of the best budget options. It is much better than the Vodafone alternative, the Smart Tab prime 6, thanks to its higher-quality screen.

However, if mobile internet is something you can live without, the Tesco Hudl2 is an even better buy at a jaw-dropping £99. And if you can afford a bit more, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 offers a bunch of worthwhile benefits.

We liked

General performance is good, with none of the app loading pauses and icon pop-up problems we've seen in cheaper Android Lollipop devices.

EE Harrier Tab review

Watching videos on the 8-inch screen is much better than on a phone

Having 4G at this price is great too. While EE's deals generally mean keeping a tight rein on your use, watching films and videos on a large screen like this is much more rewarding than on a 5-inch phone.

A lot of that is down to the screen. While the pixel density is not Retina-like, it's not far off, and the display has a relaxed, natural tone that doesn't try to overcook its colours.

We disliked

In bright sunlight, the fake metal glints in a way that looks a bit gaudy. We didn't expect real metal at the price, but pretend metal should do its best not to scream at you.

Battery life isn't anything like iPad-grade. You won't get close to 10 hours unless you use the EE Harrier Tab very lightly, with fairly low screen brightness.

Like a lot of lower-cost tablets, the cameras are poor too. But do you really want to use a tablet as your main camera?

While we're happy with the EE Harrier Tab prioritising the basics over fluffy extras, it's a shame there's no IR blaster, which can be used to control TVs and so on.


Aside from a cod-metal back, there's little flashiness to the EE Harrier Tab. With this in mind it has all the elements needed to made a decent, modern tablet.

EE Harrier Tab review

Overall, TechRadar loved this cheap tablet despite some quibbles

The screen is good quality and the right size, with enough power to make it perform well, and the design is both modern and practical.

The price isn't as insanely aggressive as the Tesco Hudl 2 and you can get a few more features from non-4G tablets at the price. But it's a good buy if you want something with mobile internet skills.

First reviewed: July 2015

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