Nook GlowLight review

Is the Nook GlowLight worth a glowing recommendation?

Nook GlowLight
The outlook is bright for the GlowLight

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The Nook GlowLight uses a non-removable rechargeable battery that, Nook says, will last you for a period of eight weeks on a single charge.

Of course, that's providing you stick to a half-hour of reading per day and keep the backlight and Wi-Fi off.

Sticking those features on will have a detrimental effect on the battery but you'll still get at least a couple of weeks of good reading time from the GlowLight.

Nook GlowLight

The battery will last a long time if you switch off the Wi-Fi and take care with the brightness

A strong plus point of ereaders has always been the longer battery life afforded by an e-ink screen and the GlowLight is no different. It'll suit the purpose of a ten day holiday or a long weekend away without needing a charge.

While I was content to leave the device on standby, you can long-press the power button on the left hand side of the device to turn it completely off, thereby saving even more juice long-term.

Wired connectivity comes in the form of the single microUSB port that acts as both charger and file transfer.

Nook GlowLight

The MicroUSB port allows for charging and file transfer

Because the Nook runs on open source Android you can simply drag and drop files from your PC to the device.

There's no Bluetooth or NFC as the Nook GlowLight relies exclusively on Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity, although, due to the limited features, there's not much more you'll use it for than browsing and buying books through the Nook store.