O and O BlueCon review

A life-support system for your PC

We found it simple to use, pretty self-explanatory and with good results

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A total back-up suite, but a costly choice


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    Pleasantly effective


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    Prohibitive cost

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A total Windows system crash is every PC user's worst nightmare (don't even mention fried components). Unfortunately, system back-up programs are often unnecessarily complicated and cumbersome to use.

In contrast, O&O BlueCon V6 gives you a host of tools in one package that will recover the system, securely delete data and rescue files. If you thought that reinstalling Windows was your only option after a number of crashes, think again: BlueCon fills in the gaps.

We found it simple to use, pretty self-explanatory and with good results. On the downside the hefty price tag for just a one user license isn't what we would expect.

O&O BlueCon V6 starts directly from CD. Its Operating System is based on Microsoft Windows PE, enabling the use of a diverse range of Windows standard hardware and avoiding the need for complex additional driver integration.

During the start procedure you can choose country settings, select network support and choose the OS that you want to access. As well as the hardware components supported by Windows, it's also possible to integrate other drivers with the familiar look and feel of Windows. The systems that are supported include RAID systems and other mass storage controllers, so any data can be rescued from your setup.

Tools of the trade

O&O Software know that there's a million and one reasons why Windows crashes and the possible consequences of data loss and system access problems. That's why there are no less than 15 different tools included in BlueCon.

BlueCon contains the entire O&O data recovery portfolio of O&O DiskRecovery V4, O&O FormatRecovery V4 and O&O UnErase V4. This should ensure data recovery in just about any software-related data loss situation, be it from a formatted disk, through accidental deletion or a malicious activity from viruses.

Tools such as FileExplorer that enable you to copy files from damaged systems onto external storage media may be superfluous, but because it starts directly from CD it will save you time.

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