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Jabbakam review

A discreet IP camera but with extra hidden fees if you want to make the most of it

This small IP camera offers recording and text alerts if it goes offline - for a fee


  • Small and discreet
  • Can be wall-mounted
  • Easy to set up
  • Can view feeds anywhere
  • Camera status monitored


  • Extra costs are everywhere
  • Feels a little flimsy
  • Video quality isn't great

The Jabbakam is a much smaller IP camera than rival surveillance camera the Compro IP70, making it easier to install discreetly, but its small size also makes it feel less robust.

As with the IP70, the Jabbakam's base can double as awall mount. It's a bit flimsier than the IP70's stand, but has more areas of articulation, which make the camera easy to position.

Ease of use seems to be the Jabbakam's main focus. This is aproduct aimed at first-time users of IP cameras – a seasoned veteran may find it too limited. Installation is simple – we just plugged the camera into the router and power, then logged into the Jabbakam website with the credentials provided.

Everything to do with the Jabbakam is online. While this is great if you want to view footage from any PC, it does involve a few hidden costs. You need to sign up for a monthly subscription to record your video stream. The Jabbakam handles your recordings, but you're paying for something that's free with other cameras.

Jabbakam also monitors the status of your camera, and can alert you if it goes offline. Email alerts are free, but text and multimedia messages require Jabbakam credits, which cost 10p each.

The service is handy and easy to use – the web-based interface is one of the best we've seen for an IP camera – but all these extra costs make it feel like paying for the Jabbakam itself is only the beginning.


The quality of the video stream isn't great, but it's enough to seewhat's going on. Using the Jabbakam is pleasant on the whole, but you can't help feeling you're paying for features that should have been included.

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