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Hercules Tunes Explorer review

Control your PC's tunes with this handy remote

Our Verdict

An uncomplicated and practical tool for music lovers


  • Decent interface

    Small LCD


  • Build quality could be better

With Apple's iTunes software synonymous with MP3 music files, the Hercules Tunes Explorer Wireless (£41 inc. VAT) is a hand-sized remote control for navigating and controlling your music collection without sitting in front of your laptop.

Lacking the high quality of the iPod, it remains light and strong enough for frequent use. Synced to your laptop via an included wireless USB receiver, the simple interface makes it easy to browse your songs and control volume.

A bonus is the use of a small LCD display, ideal for using the remote when you can't see your laptop screen. Powered by two AAA batteries, this is a practical and usable tool for music lovers.