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Zoostorm 5-7401 Edge PC review

Affordable and powerful – the budget gaming rig goes from strength to strength

There's no screen, but this has enabled Zoostorm to concentrate on other elements of the rig

Our Verdict

Strong future-proofing for a value machine, with an easy-to-realise upgrade path.


  • Strong performance
  • Plenty of upgrade potential
  • Looks impressive


  • Older motherboard

We looked at CyberPower's Gamer Infinity 850 in the past, and were blown away by its ability to play the latest games for so little cash.

Now the similarly priced Zoostorm 5-7401 Edge PC tickles our fancy with its improved upgradeability.

Raw power for a bargain price

The 5-7401 Edge PC comes with an SLI motherboard and a power supply boasting enough juice for that second graphics card.

There's no screen or other trappings of a full system, but this has enabled Zoostorm to concentrate on other elements of the rig, and produce something a little less budget-focused.

This doesn't look like a budget system thanks to the Cooler Master Cavalier case, which helps you feel you're getting a quality piece of kit. Peer beneath the reassuringly heavy veneer and there's plenty of raw grunt on offer too, spearheaded by an Intel quad core processor.

Having four cores does future-proof the rig, but the Q6600 is clocked at 2.4GHz as opposed to CyberPower's E8400's 3GHz, which means that in games that don't exploit multiple-core processors (ie. the majority), this isn't going to perform quite as well.

Inside Zoostorm's latest desktop

This is another outing for NVIDIA's GeForce 9600 GT, which is a sprightly performer for the cash and is more than enough to power smaller screens.

Admittedly, we would have preferred to see an 8800 GT in here, but the ability to upgrade this to SLI does ease such criticism. Zoostorm has used an older MSI motherboard (complete with bridge card), but it does work.

Of course, you get 2GB of DDR2 800MHz memory, backed up by a healthy 500GB hard drive. We found the DVD-RW a little ponderous on disc detection, but speedy enough once it got going.

Not the full package

Performance-wise, this is a dead ringer for the CyberPower system, and therefore a tasty piece of kit for the cash - although it's not quite as stunning value for money.

If there was a screen with it (and a keyboard and mouse) then this would be a real challenger to the Gamer Infinity 850. As it is, it's still great value, just not quite in the same league.