MSI Wind Top AE2210 review

An all-in-one PC you won't be able to keep your hands off

MSI Wind Top AE2210
This 21.5-inch touchscreen all-in-one PC has a lot to commend it

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MSI wind top ae2210

A very well balanced all-in-one system, the MSI Wind Top AE2210 does a superb job of juggling good aesthetics, a sensible price point with the latest Intel technologies all wrapped up in a system that won't break the bank too heavily.

We liked

We like touching, and the MSI Wind Top AE2210 certainly enables us to do that. Accurate, precise and multi-touch functionality pushes all the right buttons. The display itself is a plus point, too. We have niggles about it, but the popping colour and that glorious 1920 x 1080 resolution won't be beaten for a good number of years at this size.

Considering the target market, we also think MSI has nailed the styling. We imagine most people won't want a PC-looking all-in-one PC, and the MSI Wind Top AE2210 certainly manages that. The wireless mini-keyboard and mouse can be easily hidden away too, leaving just the Media Center remote for enjoying TV, music and films.

We disliked

It's easy to criticise in the PC world - there's always something better already out or about to come out. The main weakness within the MSI Wind Top AE2210 is the 3D graphics, but that's irrelevant for this model because if you're thinking of playing a lot of games, you shouldn't be looking at an all-in-one computer.

We're slightly more concerned by the minor light leakage at the top and bottom of the screen, which is visible in dark scenes. Another minor annoyance is the internal fan - it's very quiet but surely MSI could have managed a silent solution, especially since the PSU is external? While we appreciate the range of the THX speakers, ensuring that crisp response has reduced the total volume output.

It's also a real shame that Windows 7 can't really keep up with the touchscreen functions, since it's simply not designed as a touch interface, but that's not a weakness of the MSI Wind Top AE2210.

Final verdict

You can pay less than this for other machines, but you'll definitely be getting a far less capable system. To get much more, you'd have to pay almost double. Obviously gamers should look elsewhere, but for everyone else there's a lot to like about the MSI Wind Top AE2210.

The touchscreen is like a devilishly red cherry perched on a delicious cake begging you to touch it. Go on, you know you want to.