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Commodore Gaming XX 3GHz review

One more X and we’d have to censor it. Two more and we’d have beer

Despite having a thoroughly impressive-sounding spec, this Commodore fails to live up to expectations

Our Verdict

Three grand for a top-end, well-finished PC ain’t bad, but it suffers from green quad SLI drivers


  • It’s a Commodore!
  • Beautiful range of case finishes
  • Top end components…


  • …that don’t yet play nicely together

The Commodore XX is stuffed with practically every high-end component you can pick up, a blisteringly fast processor, speedy RAM and two of the fastest graphics cards available.

Soon this setup is going to be quite stunning. Soon, but not now. As we found out, NVidia's 9800GX2s are still suffering from what we call 'SLIcosis'.

An unpleasant complaint resulting from immature drivers, meaning that the costly silicon sitting on the twin, twin-GPU cards just doesn't perform as well as it really should.

Superior gaming performance?

With this setup you'd be expecting to hit the 20k point in 3DMark06, but while it languishes in the doldrums a bare thousand marks above a Phenom rig with a single 9800GX2, you can colour us a little disappointed.

Still, the Vantage score is the best we've seen, giving credence to the possibility that the lusted-after performance is nestling in that beautifully finished case somewhere. The Vantage score is the only bench in which the XX beat the overclocked £1,500 Cyberpower rig, though.

This isn't to say that it doesn't perform well, batting at over 30fps in Crysis with the 'very high' DX10 settings can't be sniffed at, but we always want more and this quad-SLI setup should be providing it.

Other Commodore options

It's not Commodore's fault that the drivers aren't quite there, so as yet going for a more optimised setup like the Liquid Infinity seems like the safer bet.

There are customisable combinations on Commodore's website that offer impressive performance at a fraction of this price.

There's a good-looking 8800GT SLI rig going for just over a grand, and with the same range of C-Kin finished cases, you'd still be looking at a quality gaming machine covered in C64s... or pretty ladies.