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Compro VideoMate U2800F review

Stylish and simple, this offering from Compro is worth a look

Compro's DTV software is stylish and comfortable to use

Our Verdict

A great TV card solution from Compro


  • Easy to use
  • Some great features
  • Great remote


  • No dual tuner

This latest VideoMate TV tuner stick is the first in Compro's extensive range to offer full Vista compatibility. Open up Media Centre and the U2800F will link up and enable full control over both digital and analogue TV.

Watch while you work

It's got all the same functionality as the E700 PCI-e card, apart from that card's dual-tuner function, which allowed you to record and play separate channels. There's the excellent timeshift, picture-in-picture and the TV desktop mode that allows you to set the TV as the background while you continue to work over the top.

Compro's DTV software is stylish and far more comfortable to use than the old Hauppauge app that I've currently been using in my home machine. The remote is small and functional, making this little package perfect for all those £300 to £400 Vista laptops that places like PC World are flooding the market with right now.