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Lacie DataShare review

Turn those old SD cards into USB memory sticks

Lacie DataShare
This handy little gadget can give those old SD cards gatering dust in the drawer a new lease of life

Our Verdict

A useful device, but nothing you couldn't do with any other SD card reader that's available


  • Interesting concept
  • Makes good use of old tech


  • You could do this with any USB card reader

As the cost of SD cards tumble and capacities rise, it's a great time to replace old ones. But what can you do with the retired Flash cards? LaCie's DataShare can give them a new lease of life as a USB drive.

There's a model for standard SD cards and one for MicroSDs that slot together when not in use. Fitting a spare card is easy, but they can be tricky to remove.

It's compatible with all SD cards, including SDHC, and comes with a short USB cable for when it's too meaty to fit the required port.

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