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Sharkoon SATA Quickport Home review

This flexible hard drive dock that does more than just hard drives

Sharkoon SATA Quickport Home
If you have a need to plug all your data into one machine, then this makes a good choice


  • Good connectivity
  • Good choice of data housing options
  • Good read/write speeds


  • 2.5-inch drive bay not very well designed

Hard drives docks are not exactly new, or that easy to get excited about. That said, Sharkoon's latest addition to its Quickport family, the Home edition, is offering something a little different compared to the competition.

As well as offering the ability to drop in and pull out a 3.5-inch drive on the fly, this DVD player sized device allows you to have a 2.5-inch drive, USB drive and SD card all slotted in at the same time.

The Quickport Home has a whole host of connectivity options and the ease with which you swap in and out drives is, for the most part, thoroughly impressive and rather useful.

I say for the most part because the 2.5-inch bay wasn't as forgiving of the different drive shapes as we'd like. Both our traditional 2.5-inch laptop drives got stuck and had to be removed with pliers as the release mechanism missed part of the housing.

The best part, though, is the fact that you can use an eSATA connection to attach the device to your PC. This enables much faster transfer of data from your SATA drives housed in it. With the average read speed dropping from 55MB/s to 26MB/s when you switch from eSATA to USB 2.0, the difference is obvious.

Overall, £53 is rather pricey for what is essentially a hard drive caddy. Still, it's a functional device and if you're in the market for a hot-swappable caddy this won't do you too much wrong. If you're not using 2.5-inch drives that is…

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