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ABSPlus 160GB laptop backup review

Can a new portable hard drive make backing up less tedious?

ABSPlus 160GB laptop backup
ABSPlus 160GB backup has plenty of useful features, but having to install the software onto every PC is an unnecessary hassle

Our Verdict

Not the simplest option around, but it works very well


  • Quick and easy to restore
  • Full recovery from drive if necessary


  • Awkward installation process

The main difference between the ABSplus and its competitors is that it offers a full system restore from the drive, giving you complete disaster recovery if needed. This is aimed at corporate users, but it's still immensely useful for home users in the event of a total PC crash.

For those looking for a simple back-up drive, one downside of the BounceBack is that the software has to be installed onto all PCs. This makes the experience a little more long-winded than it needs to be, but once the system is set up, backing up is fast: the ABSplus 160GB is blessed with speedy transfer rates, with a large folder writing at 16MBps.

Restoring data is easy and quick, and files can be accessed from the drive at any time and restored to their original locations or a predefined folder. The ABSplus is a back-up drive with plenty of useful features, then, but given the complexity of operation, those looking for simple functionality might want to look elsewhere.

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