AMD A8-7670K review

Nothing more than a reviewer's hell…


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We liked

AMD's A8-7670K can run simple games at palatable frame rates, and it's great for basic everyday computing tasks. The motherboards are easy on the bank balance, and you have the added benefit of low power consumption to help keep that electricity bill down.

We disliked

This CPU is based on a half-decade old architecture, and is limited in many ways because of this. We saw mediocre to poor benchmarks when it came to computing tasks, and gaming tests also fell rather flat – this is really a product targeted at laptop users rather than those with desktop PCs.

Final verdict

We understand this is an £82 processor and you shouldn't be expecting a great deal at this price point. But for compatibility, ease of use and performance, you'd do so much better to head elsewhere. That's the sad truth, and it's worrying for the future of AMD.

Godavari, so far, lacks any substance. It's aimed at one demographic – people that will most likely game on laptops anyway – with most desktop users opting for dedicated GPUs. It's too limited, too expensive and too basic to provide anything to any form of power user. Please AMD, we need Zen. And we need it soon.