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Lexar Jumpdrive FireFly review

A tiny key with a massive capacity

Our Verdict

It's not cheap but in our opinion it's worth it


  • Generous capacity

    Compact and discrete

    Good data transfer rates


  • Expensive

USB memory key capacities have steadily been increasing of late and the 4GB of space on the FireFly is now a cost-effective size. Other capacities are available, but at £70 (inc. VAT) this really is great value for your money.

Apart from the capacity, it's the physical size of the FireFly that makes it stand out. The USB plug makes up a third of its length, making this the smallest key we've used to date.

Data transfer rates are quick, which makes this key ideal for moving large files about. It may not be the cheapest on the market, but then it's not supposed to be.

FireFly is a great little drive that allows the user to carry a backup of their data around with them with the minimum of fuss.