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PNY SDHC 16GB review

Designed for HD camcorders, this SDHC card will also help upgrade your netbook storage

The new PNY SDHC card is a perfect option to improve the storage of your netbook or laptop

Our Verdict

A good little performer that's perfect for upgrading your netbook storage or using with a new HD camcorder


  • Good capacity
  • Speedy write times

Targeted at those with HD camcorders, this 16GB SDHC flash drive is also an easy solution for expanding the storage of a netbook. However, it's first essential to ensure that your netbook (or laptop) supports the SDHC format, as many older devices are not compatible.

Putting the card into our test laptop, the machine wouldn't initially recognise it. This was easily resolved by formatting the card, and it was then easy to copy and save files.

The card is a 'Class Four' device, meaning it can transfer data at a fast 4Mbps. We found it was very quick when writing and reading small files, although larger files such as films took a little longer, with a 1GB file taking about four minutes to write.