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Crucial 2GB SD card review

At last! A card that doesn't fill up every other day

Our Verdict

Spacious, reliable and affordable - what more do you want from a memory card?


  • A seriously decent amount of storage

    Ever-decreasing price

The vast majority of the cameras that we get in to test come with piddly little storage cards that are next to useless. Really, what value is there in a 16MB card that will take perhaps 10 shots before it fills up? You hardly get going when you need to stop and delete shots, or race to the Mac to download them.

So forget those bundled cards and get one of these. This card has been with us for a month and has been used to help test several cameras. Pop one in and suddenly you have 670-odd shots to take. For cameras with good video-shooting ability the card comes into its own.

Note the price; card storage has come right down in price this year. Check first that your camera takes an SD card - most do, but some, like those from Sony that use Memory Sticks or others that only use xD cards, won't be compatible.

For the last few months or so though, we had no problem with this card on a variety of camera brands and two different card readers.