PNY XLR8 9800GTX Overclocked

The 9800GTX we were looking for?

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Our Verdict

It’s the 9800GTX we’ve always wanted. Its results are in-line with what we’d expected initially, but it’s still limited by its inner workings


  • Mini gamer
  • Quality chipset


  • Pricey full system
  • Better, cheaper GPUs

I'm not sure who designed the packaging of PNY's 9800GTX OC, but I'm fairly certain it's the same guy who came up with Black Magic chocolates during the 80s.

It's also reminiscent of a certain cigarette-sponsored F1 team of the 80s... But I guess youíre not reading this for contemporary cultural theory, you want a graphics card review.

High-end gaming card

PNY's XLR8 card is an overclocked version of the 9800GTX, which is a stable card but not a huge improvement on the 8800GTX.

The overclocked card comes in at £30 premium over the standard card, and the benchmarks prove that it does hold some improvement - a five frames-per-second increase in Crysis, higher 3DMark06 scores and a higher maximum frame rate in World in Conflict.

It's what we'd expect to see from such a card, and if you're in to high-end gaming it won't let you down.

Stopgap option

But is it worth it? Our biggest gripe with the 9800GTX is that it had less memory and a lower bandwidth than both the 8800GTX and Ultra.

Itfelt like a stopgap card, something NVIDIA could push out while we await the GTX280 with baited breath, or until ATI does something that's worth more than a glance.

PNY's version is still working with the same memory and bandwidth as the standard card, albeit with overegged clock speeds.

Design nostalgia

So PNY has increased the numbers a little, and the results are more in-line with what they should have been initially.

However, bearing in mind that the 8800GTX still has better innards, and is currently £80 cheaper makes the overclocked board seem a little pointless. Unless you fancy some 80s packaging nostalgia.