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Enermax ETS-T40-TA review

Great design, great cooler

Enermax ETS-T40-TA
For a first crack at a CPU cooler design, Enermax has pulled out an outstanding job

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This might be Enermax's first venture into the world of the CPU cooler, but from the build quality and performance of the ETS-T40- TA you would never guess that. It outperforms every other cooler in this round up, and as you might expect from a company that's been cooling PSUs for years there's also some interesting design work.

The ETS-T40-TA has a fin design that helps improve air flow especially around the dead zone behind the heatpipes.

Installing the ETS-T40-TA is straightforward although like most of the coolers, it requires that you fit a motherboard backplate. Enermax has clearly spent time on the mounting – even down to providing a spanner – and it's one of the quickest to fit.

The 120mm cooling fan used with the Enermax is quiet but only in terms of its spin performance; the appearance it gives is one of real bling. Usually when you talk about LED fans you'll find an LED in each corner, not so with this one, it had a row of them around the frame.

Just in case that hasn't quite got your attention the fan blade edges have a chrome strip applied to them. Its a credit to Enermax that it also offers a version of the cooler without all the bling.

It should come as no real surprise that a company that has been producing some excellent PSU designs for over two decades should produce a winning CPU cooler design first time out of the box.

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