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Enlight EN-2409 review

The price is right, but is the tech?

There's virtually nothing to complain about with the ENlight EN-2409

Our Verdict

Solid, uninspiring budget case


  • Good value

    So cheap

    350W PSU


  • Tricky to reach reset button

We'd love to aspire to only coveting the finest and latest computer technology, yet when a case drops onto the test bench that does no wrong and comes in under £40, including a 350W power supply, it's something that's hard to ignore.

In the grand scheme of things the case is the embodiment of average; never has mundane been envisaged so well. But we return once more to that sub-£40 price tag. It may be nothing spectacular to look at, but at least it's not beige; instead, it sports a black and silver finish. The inside metal edges are rounded off so there's no fear of slashing a major artery on any sharp edges.

The case is devoid of any quick-release feature - good old screws are used throughout - but we survived using them in the past and will again. We do like the side-mounted, internal, dual 3.5-inch drive-bays that provide easy access. The board mounts are fixed raised-divots. They're no brass posts, but these are infinitely better than snap-in plastic posts that past budget cases have made unsuspecting buyers deal with.

Ventilation options are pretty minimal with just an 80mm rear exhaust fan being provided. At least it comes with a motherboard header. There are mounting points for a 92mm fan, but there's no front-mounting point. A highlight for the case is that it comes with side-ducting installed, helping it to vent heat from the processor out of the side of the case. It can take a 92mm or 120mm fan for extra ventilation, too.

The list of real problems is short: there's a reset button that's a little too recessed for our liking, but that's about it. You can build a perfectly respectable budget system around it, and for that fact alone Enlight is to be commended. Neil Mohr