CoolerMaster NotePal U2 Notebook Cooler review

This laptop cooler makes sure your laptop is cool and protected

CoolerMaster NotePal U2 Notebook Cooler
Keep your important parts cool with this handy laptop cooler. And no, we don't mean those bits!

TechRadar Verdict

A great option for those with a particularly hot laptop


  • +

    Moveable fans

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    Acts as added protection on the move

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    Keeps it cool


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    I've long been a fan of notebook coolers like this CoolerMaster NotePal U2 ever since my first modern notebook came harbouring an Athlon 2200+, which turned out to have the thermal dynamics of a very, very fat man.

    Use of the machine for any length of time and, no matter what material it was made out of, the area which used to be directly underneath the CPU would be only so much molten slag. More disturbing still if you actually happened to use it literally as a laptop…

    With a cooler though it was possible to use the machine without melting holes in things and without the processor throttling back to such an extent that it was hardly worth switching the damned thing on in the first place.

    The NotePal U2 is such a cooler, with the now-traditional mesh-finish and exterior fans to blow soothing air of your hot bits. The difference here though is that it has some innovations.

    The main one being the fact that the twin underslung fans are able to be completely re-positioned to cope with different laptop cooling designs. Not all machines have their intake fans in the same position but now you can match that location with the external fans of the cooling tray, giving far more efficient cooling.

    The whole thing acts as a neat little suit of armour for your laptop. Remove the two fans and you slot your notebook into the wireframe giving extra protection for your screen and making the NotePal U2 easy to store and travel with.

    The NotePal U2 is a simple little thing, but only if your laptop is generating enough heat to keep your house warm in the winter time.

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