Parlux Digitalyon Light Air Ionizer review

A light and comfortable hair dryer with powerful controls

Parlux Digitalyon Light Air Ionizer
(Image: © Future | Photo by Emily Peck)

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The most enticing feature of the Parlux Digitalyon Light Air Ionizer is just how light and easy it is to use. It comes with controls on the handle that can't be accidentally pressed when you're holding the hair dryer, a cool-shot button, plus variable heat and speed settings. However, on the highest temperature setting the heat can get a little intense, so if you plan to use it on your child's hair, too, then you may want to stick to the lower heat setting. Overall, though, we found its comfortable form and stylishly simple offering a joy to use.


  • +

    Light, quiet and fast

  • +

    Variable temperature control

  • +

    Two speeds and three temperatures


  • -

    No diffuser included in the box

  • -

    Can get quite hot on highest setting

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One-minute review

We've rated the Parlux Digitalyon Light Air Ionizer as one of our best hair dryers due to its easy to use controls and lightweight design. One of the lightest hair dryers we’ve tested, it proved super-comfortable in the hand. Available in a range of colors, including silver (shown), blue and anthracite, it comes with two nozzles in the box.

The digital E-LYON motor ensures it does a great job at drying hair and concentrating the airflow through the nozzle. Plus Air Ionizer tech optimises the emission of negative ions through the ceramic grill to deliver smooth and sleek results. Those with curly hair may want to consider adding the Alyon Diffuser or Magic Sense diffuser to the mix (both sold separately).  

Weighing 395g, it feels surprisingly light compared to other hair dryers we’ve tested. We also found its design is sufficiently durable to withstand any minor daily knocks and scrapes – something a hair dryer can suffer when you're trying to get ready in a hurry.

The 2400-watts digital motor intends to create a lighter and quieter hair dry. With an airflow of 88m3 an hour, we were impressed by the Digitalyon Light Air Ionizer's power when drying hair. Featuring two speed settings and three temperature options, which you adjust according to your hair type.

Parlux Digitalyon Light Air Ionizer price and availability

  • List price: £169.95  
  • Only available in the UK

At the time of writing, the Parlux Digitalyon Light Air Ionizer hair dryer is only available to be shipped to addresses in the UK for £169.95 from resellers such as Salons Direct and  Sally Beauty and direct from Parlux.

We feel that this is excellent value for such a well-balanced, fast and powerful design that has a quality finish. In comparison, you can find equally stylish hair dryers such as the GHD Helios for around $210/£189 and the popular Dyson Supersonic from $354/£320.  

Price & availability score: 4/5

Parlux Digitalyon Light Air Ionizer

Parlux Digitalyon Light Air Ionizer in its box with accessories (Image credit: Future | Photo by Emily Peck)

Parlux Digitalyon Light Air Ionizer design

  • 395g lightweight design
  • Feels well balanced in the hand 
  • Secure controls stay in place

The Parlux Digitalyon Light Air Ionizer is one of the most comfortable hair dryers we've tested in our roundup of best hair dryers for 2023. We believe this is a result of its light weight, well-balanced frame, and its conveniently designed controls. 

The first thing we noticed when using this hair dryer was just how secure the controls are once you've turned them on. Some hair dryers we've tried feature controls that can be easily knocked when in use, resulting in the hair dryer turning on or off when you least expect it. The Parlux does well to ensure you get the setting you choose until you choose otherwise. 

closeup of Parlux controls

Closeup of settings on the Parlux hair dryer (Image credit: Future / Emily Peck)

We found that the design of the hair dryer felt balanced, with equal weight distribution between the head of the hair dryer and the handle. The cord is also an ample length, enabling you to move around freely while you’re styling your hair. 

It also features Parlux's Hair Free system on board, which traps stray hairs before they enter the motor. This keeps the filter clean and the performance impressive. 

The Parlux is available in three colours: anthracite, blue and silver. Parlux has kept the design neat and easy to navigate, with the controls positioned on the side of the handle to make it easy to switch between settings. You can choose from two speed settings and three temperature settings, and easily access the cool shot on the front of the handle to set hair in place. The cool-shot button is blue, which makes it easy to identify in use.  

Parlux closeup of cool shot

The cool shot is easy to identify and use (Image credit: Future / Emily Peck)

Included in the box are two nozzles for smoothing frizz and styling long or short hair. Unlike some hair dryer sets, the Parlux doesn’t come with a diffuser included; we'd liked to have seen a few extras such as a comb or heat mat, for example. If you’re keen to set curly hair in place, you'll need to pay extra for the Aylon or Magic Sense diffuser, which both slot easily onto the end of the hair dryer. That said, we think the offering is excellent value for such as quick, quiet and noticeably powerful hair dryer. 

Design score: 4.5/5  

Parlux Digitalyon Light Air Ionizer performance

  •  Quiet and powerful digital E-LYON motor 
  •  Two straightening nozzles for sleek results
  •  Excellent for fast drying with smooth results  

What surprised us most about the Parlux is that it comes hiding a powerful 2400-watt digital E-LYON motor in its lightweight design. The hair dryer is designed to deliver a concentrated air flow of up to 88m3/h, which reduces drying time but also protects the hair to give you that glossy finish. Using a decibel meter app, we measured noise at 84dB on the hair dryer's highest setting, which we think is impressively low for such a powerful and fast model. 

We enjoyed using all three temperature settings and two speed settings on our thick, long hair. We found that it did well to tame any flyaways, and dried hair quickly and effectively. 

Featuring Air Ionizer tech, the hair dryer optimises the emission of negative ions. Combined with the integrated ceramic grille, this means you're more likely to achieve smooth and frizz-free results. 

With variable temperature settings, and a cool shot, we think this hair dryer has everything you need for smoothing and setting hair in place. However, it can become quite hot on the highest setting. While this works well on thick, dense hair, we found this a little too much for younger heads with finer hair. If you're looking to use this hair dryer on all the family, you may want to stick to a lower temperature setting. 

Performance score: 4.5/5

Parlux comparison with other compact hair dryers

A comparison of compact hairdryers, from left to right: GHD, Parlux and Dyson Supersonic (Image credit: Future | Photo by Emily Peck)

Parlux Digitalyon Light Air Ionizer score card

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Price and availabilityGreat value but only available in the UK4/5
DesignLight, comfortable and well-balanced design with well-positioned controls4.5/5
PerformanceQuiet and fast, delivering exceptionally smooth results4.5/5

Should I buy the Parlux Digitalyon Light Air Ionizer?

Buy it if...

You want to smooth your hair, fast 

The innovative digital E-LYON motor on this hair dryer delivers a powerful flow of air that reduces drying time while protecting the hair for a smooth finish. Its Air Ionizer tech optimises the emission of negative ions through the ceramic grille to achieve sleek results. 

You want a comfortable and lightweight design

The Parlux is one of the lightest and most comfortable hair dryers we've tested. It feels well balanced in the hand and its controls are securely positioned to avoid accidentally changing settings while you're using it. 

You want a quiet yet powerful hair dryer

The Parlux comes with two speed settings and three temperature controls. It's relatively quiet in operation, which makes it a good choice if you're using it in the early hours. 

Don't buy it if...

You're planning to use it on the kids 

The speed and temperature settings on this hair dryer are optimised for salon use, so while they're excellent for adult hair, the highest temperature setting is too hot for young heads with fine hair. If you're looking for a hair dryer to use on the whole family, you may want to opt for a less powerful model that doesn't get so hot. 

You priority is to curl your hair 

The Parlux's USP is that it can smooth hair and control frizz. That said, teamed with the Alyon or Magic sense diffuser, this hair dryer can also nurture beautiful curls.

  • First reviewed: January 2023
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