Misfit Phase review

More than meets the eye

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The Misfit Phase is a great entry-level activity tracker with a few impressive smart features thrown in. The trouble is it’s got anything but an entry-level price tag.

It’s a watch that will motivate you to be a little more active rather than train you to improve your fitness. It will do this while looking great though, the watch’s design really is its big draw.

For some, that’s enough, and if you’re after an activity tracker that’s easy on the eye, this is arguably the best looking one out there.

Who’s this for?

The Misfit Phase is for those who want to keep tabs on their daily activity without feeling pressured into becoming a full-on fitness fanatic.

It’s a device that will help get you moving, but won’t provide the incentive to do any more than that. No, it probably won’t appeal to hardened runners or cycling enthusiasts, but it’ll please those looking to become more active while looking good at the same time.

Proving that wearable tech can be fashionable, its stunning, if slightly plump design will make it appeal to most, with a range of color options ensuring there’s a style to suit all.

Should you buy it?

This will depend on exactly what you need from a fitness tracker. If you’re after basic step counting with the occasional run thrown in, it will do the trick just fine. The trouble is, so will a number of devices at half the price.

Looking good costs, and in the case of the Phase, costs big. It’s not just about style and step counts, though.

Its smartphone-synced notifications might be a little clunky and hard to follow, but being able to control your music and camera shutter from your wrist is a bonus.

There’s an upside to its design, too. Unlike a lot of activity trackers and fitness watches, you’re not going to want to take this off. Whether you’re at work, at the gym or enjoying a night out, the Phase looks good enough to keep on tracking all day and night.

It’s a 24-hour tracker that’ll actually be given the time to do its thing and monitor your movements, all of them. The Phase looks great, but delve a little deeper and it’s more than just eye-candy.

First reviewed: January 2017