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A tiny, but excellent quality white noise machine for life on the move

LectroFan Micro2
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If you find it hard to fall asleep in an unfamiliar place, this portable noise machine could be exactly what you need. Its 11 variations on fan, wind, and rain noise effectively mask distracting noises, and help you either concentrate on your work or nod off at night – with no noticeable looping. It's a surprisingly good-sounding Bluetooth speaker as well, so you can enjoy some tunes on your travels, or fall asleep to your favorite audiobook. The lack of a timer is a shame, but it's otherwise tough to fault this well-built little device.


  • +

    Small and lightweight

  • +

    No noticeable looping of sounds

  • +

    Doubles as a Bluetooth speaker

  • +

    Impressive sound quality


  • -

    No timer

  • -

    Carry case sold separately

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30-second review

The LectroFan Mini2 is a portable white noise machine that doubles as a mini Bluetooth speaker when you're on the move – and if you struggle to settle down in hotel rooms, it could be invaluable. 

LectroFan makes a wide variety of sound machines to block out distractions and help you concentrate on your work, or drift off at night. As the name suggests, most of these use a physical fan to generate noise. This has a big advantage over other machines that play recorded sound files, as the noise never loops or repeats (something that can be very distracting).

If you'd prefer to doze off to a favorite podcast, or a sleepscape from the Calm app, the LectroFan Micro2 doubles as a portable Bluetooth speaker – and it sounds much better than you might expect. Sure, it's not going to beat our pick of the best wireless speakers any time soon, but you'd be hard pressed to find a smaller one that renders sound with such clarity.

LectroFan Micro2

(Image credit: Future)

Our only real complaint is that, unlike some portable white noise machines, the LectroFan Micro2 doesn't have a timer that switches it off after a certain period to conserve battery life. This is something plenty other white noise machines offer, so it's a little surprising that LectroFan has overlooked it.

It's not a dealbreaker, though – particularly this little machine can keep pumping out soothing fan and rain sounds for several nights between charges.

Price and availability

  • Cheaper than a full-sized noise machine
  • Available globally

The LectroFan Micro2 costs $34.95 / £34.95 / AU$69.99, and is widely available from various stores including Amazon in the US, UK, and Australia.

That's considerably cheaper than most full-sized white noise machines that plug into an electrical outlet, including the LectroFan Classic, which is $49.95 / £49.95 / AU$89.95, though if you're on a  tight budget then you may prefer to opt for an under-pillow speaker like the Roberts Radio Pillow Talk, which you can use with a free white noise app on your phone.


  • Very small
  • Adjustable speaker grille
  • USB-C charging

The LectroFan Micro2 is an attractive little white noise machine that resembles a small jar. It measures 52 x 52 x 53mm (much smaller than machines like the LectroFan Classic) and has a soft-touch casing topped with a black speaker grille that can be twisted for directional audio.

On the side you'll find a USB-C charging port, plus a switch to toggle between Bluetooth speaker mode, sleep sounds, and power off. There are also controls to play or pause audio, skip back or forward between tracks, and adjust the volume.

It's available in black, white, blue, and red – though not all retailers stock the full range of colors.

LectroFan Micro2

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  • Great choice of sound effects
  • No noticeable looping
  • No timer

The LectroFan Micro2 is extremely easy to use. For ambient noise, just flick the switch to the 'Zzz' position and it will begin playing instantly. There are 11 effects to choose from, though because this little machine doesn't contain a mechanical fan lie full-size LectroFan machines, they're pre-recorded clips that run on a loop.

That said, we weren't able to spot when that loop happened, which stopped us being distracted. There's a combination of fan noises (some of which include a mechanical hum in the background), plus white noise and rainfall sounds.

The rain noises aren't as detailed as those offered by Rainy Mood, for example (you can't make out occasional large drips) and there's no ability to customize them beyond changing the volume, but when you just want something to help mask background noise, it works well. We appreciated the fact that the various effects cover a wide range of pitches so you can find something that masks the particular noise that's keeping you awake – whether it's a shrill car alarm of a droning washing machine – and the volume controls work in very small increments so you have plenty of control.

Battery life is good, too; we found it easily lasted two whole nights between charges, which is far better than many sleep headphones.

LectroFan Micro2

(Image credit: Future)

Flick the switch to Bluetooth mode, and you can connect your phone to the LectroFan Micro2 like any other wireless speaker (you'll hear an audio alert when it's successfully linked). It's certainly no Sonos One, but the LectroFan Micro2 sounds far better than you might expect considering its price, and the fact that it's primarily made for playing fan noises. Its sound lacks some depth and is slightly tinny, but for occasional use while you're travelling, it's excellent.

At this price you don't get extra like Alexa or Google Home compatibility, but the LectroFan Micro2 does have a microphone built into its tiny case, allowing you to use it for hands-free phone calls.

There are a couple of features that would make the LectroFan Classic even better: a timer like that of the Yogasleep Travelcube to switch the sound off after a certain period and conserve battery life, and a travel case included in the price. LectroFan makes a case that can be bought separately, but for a small portable speaker designed to be tossed into a bag or suitcase, it would make sense for it to have some protection as standard.

First reviewed March 2022

LectroFan Micro2

(Image credit: Future)

Buy it if

You're on the move
The LectroFan Micro2 is tiny enough for the smallest luggage, and means you won't run down your phone's battery using a white noise app at night.

You want to minimize fuss
The LectroFan Micro2 is extremely easy to use, whether in ambient noise or Bluetooth speaker mode.

You want authentic fan noise
Many people in warmer countries are used to falling asleep to the sound of a fan, and this little machine replicates that noise faithfully without noticeable looping.

Don't buy it if

You just want a Bluetooth speaker
The LectroFan Micro2 is a decent wireless speaker, but its white/fan noise function is its main selling point. If you really just want to stream audio, check out out guide to the best Bluetooth speakers instead.

You want different nature sounds
The LectroFan Micro2 offers some rain and wind effects, but if you want more nature-inspired options, you'd be better off with a device like the Yogasleep Travelcube, which is another portable noise machine.

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