Worx Landroid review

Never mow the lawn again

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The automation of menial tasks is what robotics is made for, and nothing is more menial than mowing the lawns. Well, maybe vacuuming, but that's neither here nor there.

The Worx Landroid isn't the first robot lawnmower to market, but it does have plenty to offer. Once you get yourself over the initial set up, the mower just does its job fairly effortlessly.

It's not perfect – you'll invariably have to rescue it from itself at some point, but it will generally get the job done with minimal fuss.

We Liked

There's something reassuring in watching an autonomous vehicle wheeling around your yard, slicing your grass without any interaction from you.

The section of lawn that it cut during the review period never looked better maintained. It even started to green up a couple of dead patches that had struggled thanks to the presence of a trampoline.

The fact the Landroid is lightweight and easy to setup is great, and there are some other smart design decisions – like being able to use the blades in four different positions for maximum value for money – that really pay off.

We disliked

Frankly, the fact you still have to manually maintain the edges is a bit disappointing, especially when those sections of your lawn look so overgrown compared to the area the Landroid does take care of. Even a week shows a drastic difference between where the mower cut and didn't.

The fact the mower can't avoid obstacles lower than 15cm is also concerning, especially for houses with things like trampolines or trees with exposed roots.

While you can work around tree roots by laying the boundary wire around it, trampolines are a slightly bigger issue, as they aren't fixed in place but are too large to constantly move around the yard while the Landroid mows.

And while the setup is essential, and isn't really something we "disliked" per se, it does highlight the importance of preparation in the set up process.

Final verdict

Having a robotic lawnmower autonomously keeping your lawn well manicured is an amazing experience. It frees up your weekend to focus on more important things.

The Landroid does a solid job of keeping your lawns in shape. With no interference whatsoever, it ensured that the test section of my lawn was kept in shape.

But it's the things that it doesn't do that makes you question if it's worth the $1,200 asking price. Like leaving overgrown edges around the yard, or not being able to avoid low obstacles like trampoline bases.

Overall, there's a lot to like about the Landroid. But whether you invest in one will largely depend on two things – just how easy it is to set up the Landroid's boundary wire in your yard, and also just how much you hate mowing the lawns.

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