Google Glass review

Explorer Edition has ceased production, but its legacy lives on

Google Glass review
Google Glass review

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Google's official estimate for the Glass' battery life is "one day of typical use." Features like video recording, however can drain the battery even more quickly, the company warns.

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The battery bulges out in back, yet battery life is awful

Avoiding these more intensive features, I found my Google Glass battery to last between three and five hours depending on how many hands-free photos I was taking in that time span. Recording a video wiped the battery out in less than an hour after continuously shooting.

That's far short of the official estimate, but keep in mind that there's a tremendous difference between being connected to WiFi vs Bluetooth via a tethered smartphone. Relying on a phone's shared LTE data connection drained my battery more quickly.

Google Glass battery life

Get used to this screen. The battery drains in just a few hours

Google Glass also ran much hotter over Bluetooth, something that was pointed out to me every time I demoed Google Glass to a large group. Typically, this observation was noticed by the time it was passed to the last person to wear it.

Teardown specs indicate that Google Glass contains a puny 570 mAh lithium-polymer battery, even with its larger-than-desired battery size located behind the right ear. Luckily, the small battery size means that it doesn't take exceptionally long to charge, with less than two hours giving me a complete 100% battery life to drain it all over again.

Google Glass battery life

Google Glass and high-capacity battery packs go hands-free-in-hand

To conserve battery life as much as humanly or cyborgly possible, I turned off head wake up, on-head detection and Wink for picture. I also carried around an external high-capacity battery pack in my pocket with a USB cable running to the micro USB port. I don't suggest this look.

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