Eufy Smart Scale C1 review

A smart body composition scale that's incredibly easy to use, and great value

Eufy Smart Scale C1
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The Eufy Smart Scale C1 is remarkably easy to use, making tracking your body composition as simple as possible, with a superb app that helps you monitor changes over time and understand what different measurements mean. It's remarkably good value too, making it easy to recommend.


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    Fast setup

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    Simple to use

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    Excellent app


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    Small platform

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One minute review

We've tested many smart scales, and the Eufy Smart Scale C1 is easily one of the best. Not only does it measure a wide range of health metrics, it does so with the absolute minimum of fuss so tracking your health takes only a couple of seconds every morning.

Results were consistent, and body composition scores were in line with what we'd expect based on our measurements from commercial scales.

We found the Bluetooth connectivity reliable, and results synced with the app almost instantly when the phone was within range (the scale can store up to 100 readings if you don't have your phone to hand).

Eufy Smart Scale C1

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The user experience is what really sets the Eufy Smart Scale C1 apart from the competition. Once the initial setup is complete, it's no more effort to use than a standard electric bathroom scale, which is an impressive feat.

It's an excellent smart scale, and is easy to recommend – especially at such an affordable price.


The Eufy Smart Scale C1 has a sleek glass platform, and is available in black, white and blue. While many smart scales hide their contacts away beneath the glass, here they're clearly visible, serving as a useful guide to help you position your feet correctly and ensuring a stable connection.

The platform is a little smaller than most smart scales, measuring 28 x 28cm, which might make it slightly harder to use if you have poor balance, but its display is bright and easy to read while standing, even in poor light.

You can switch between imperial and metric units using a switch on the underside. The scale takes three AAA batteries (supplied), and its feet have a non-slip rubberized texture to protect your floor.

Eufy Smart Scale C1

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Setup is extremely straightforward - enter your name, height and gender, and when prompted by the app, press the button under the scale to pair it. That’s it - you’re ready to step on. It’s quicker and less hassle than any other pair of scales we’ve used.

Open the app, step on with bare feet, and your stats will be shown on the scales’ display straight away. The scale will use your measurements to determine the correct profile to use and data syncs with your phone immediately.

If you don't have your phone to hand, the scale can store up to 100 readings to sync with it later.

Eufy Smart Scale C1

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It's the small differences like this that set this scale apart from rivals like the Salter Curve, which requires you to select your profile and import data manually, which makes all the difference when you're getting ready in the morning and don't want to spend any more time than necessary.

The Eufy scale uses bio impedance to measure different tissue types, and in our tests the results closely matched those from the scale at our gym. They were also extremely consistent; stepping off the scale and back on resulted in exactly the same reading each time, whereas some other scales show slight variation each time.

Companion app

If you the Smart Scale C1 uses the EufyLife rather than the EufyHome app, but if you already have smarthome devices from the company, you can log in using the same email address.

EufyLife app

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Create an account, enter some basic profile information so the app can calculate your BMI (gender, age and height), and you're ready to start weighing. Just step on the scale and everything will happen automatically. Of all the smart scale apps we've used, it's the most hassle-free.

You’ll see results for BMI, body fat percentage, water, muscle mass, bone mass, BMR (basal metabolic rate - the number of calories your body uses per day at rest), and visceral fat. The app also shows you the weight of each tissue type in your body, which isn’t a feature we’ve seen before, but makes for interesting reading.

Tapping on any of these measurements will show your position on a scale from low to high, so you can see how your body composition compares with typical healthy readings, together with how that particular metric affects your health and what you can do to change it. Everything is clearly laid out and easy to understand.

EufyLife app

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We'd appreciate trend lines on the charts to reflect general progress towards the goal weight without everyday fluctuations, but this is a small complaint.

Not a fan of the Eufy app? No problem - you can also sync your data with a wide range of third-party apps, including Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit.

It's easy to see where you fit into the range from over- to underweight, helping you choose a suitable, healthy goal weight.

Buy it if

You're short of time
The Eufy Smart Scale C1 makes weighing yourself and recording your body composition as fast and easy as possible; after the initial setup, just stand on the scale and everything else happens automatically.

You want in-depth analysis
The EufyLife app allows you to drill down into your body composition metrics and find out exactly what your measurements mean in terms of your overall wellbeing.

You're on a tight budget
Despite its impressive specs and great performance, the Eufy Smart Scale C1 is surprisingly cheap to buy.

Don't buy it if

You struggle with balance
This scale is a little smaller than most, which may present a challenge if you're not always steady on your feet.

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