TomTom Urban Rider review

TomTom's latest motorbike sat nav tested

TomTom Urban Rider review
TomTom Urban Rider keeps bikers on track

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As you'd expect from a TomTom sat nav, it's easy to use and directions are clear. The screen responds well to gloved hands and the audio clarity is very good.

The hardest part is figuring out where to stick the earpiece in the helmet so it's next to your ear.

TomTom urban rider

We'd recommend the Urban Rider if you travel a lot and have a habit of getting lost, but the lack of voice control is a big let-down and we really hope that TomTom addresses this in the next iteration.

We liked

Really easy to set up and use, and the TomTom is small enough to fit into a jacket pocket once you've parked up.

We disliked

We think the lack of voice control is an oversight and we're left wondering why this feature was omitted.


A brilliant sat nav offering 2D and 3D views, but let down by the lack of voice control.

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