Panasonic Lumix G10 review

The Panasonic G10 offers DSLR quality in a substantially smaller camera body. In this G10 review, we test its handling, autofocus, ISO performance and more

Panasonic Lumix G10
A good budget Micro Four Thirds camera, but serious snappers should consider the G2

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Panasonic lumix g10

Be in no doubt, the Panasonic G10 offers remarkable value for money – providing a portable system camera, with a good range of creative tools, at a price and size that will attract a lot of people.

For this reviewer's money, the SLR styling, with the built-in eyelevel electronic viewfinder makes this a much more appealing camera than the rangefinder-styled Olympus PEN. In terms of value, the Samsung NX10 is probably this camera's most serious rival.

However, there is a strong case for outlaying a bit more and going for the Panasonic G2 instead. The articulating screen is seriously useful for shooting at awkward angles, or for helping you to see the image in strong light. The touchscreen interface proves more than a gimmick – and actually helps you speed around the camera's many settings.

But the killer punch is the electronic viewfinder. The low-resolution eyelevel display on the G10 is a liability – making it very hard to check focus accuracy and composition as you shoot. Opting for the Panasonic G2 gives you five times more detail through the EVF – and this alone makes the extra investment worthwhile.


The Panasonic G10 offers a good solution to the age-old creativity-or-convenience conundrum – and at a ground-breaking price for the Micro Fours Thirds system.

However, being the cheapest doesn't always make you the best value. This has plenty for the price, but the extras on the Panasonic G2 are worth paying for, if you can afford it.

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