Panasonic G3 review

An advanced GF2, or a slim-line G2?

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3
More compact than the G2, but with more controls than the GF2

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Panasonic G3: Our sample images


No exposure compensation was required here despite the large patch of bright sky.

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The texture of the stone has been captured well

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Shot wide open (f/5.6) at 42mm with the kit lens to minimise depth of field, Panasonic's 45mm f/2.9 lens would've been a better bet

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The green is a little on the vibrant side in this shot

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Taken at ISO 3200 while looking away from the subject and using Touch Shutter to trigger the exposure. The Auto white balance system has done well in the mixed lighting

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The articulated screen makes it easy to shot from very low angles. Again, no exposure compensation applied here

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The subtle colours have been recorded accurately here

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No bikes

The G3 is a good choice of camera for street and reportage photography

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