It's fair to say that although the Nikon 1 J1 was incredibly popular, it wasn't met with a huge amount of critical success. Many Nikon users were left disappointed by the choice of the smaller sensor than those seen on other CSCs, and this update obviously won't do anything to change their minds.

More of a tweak here and there than a full-blown upgrade, the Nikon 1 J2 nevertheless is a good camera that is more than fit for purpose. The extra resolution on the screen is a welcome addition, as is the ability to more quickly access creative modes.

It's a shame that digital filters couldn't be a little better, or more varied, but perhaps Nikon is holding something a little more advanced up its sleeve.

We liked

The new screen is wonderful to use, even in bright light, while also showing off stored images in the best possible way.

We disliked

It's not a huge upgrade from its predecessor, and if we're completely honest, we'd still like to see more in the way of direct manual controls on a Nikon 1 camera.

Final verdict

The Nikon 1 J2 is likely to capitalise on the success of its predecessor, but it's certainly not worth existing users upgrading. For those looking for their first compact system camera, the Nikon 1 is a good investment, while those who already own DSLRs may like to consider it for a second camera.