Canon EOS 80D review

The Canon EOS 80D is a good mid-level DSLR for those who don't need the latest tech

Canon EOS 80D

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Signal to noise ratio is a measure of the noise levels generated by the camera compared to actual image detail. The higher the number the better because it means that random noise makes up a lower proportion of the image data. Signal to noise ratio is tested using DxO Analyzer.

Canon EOS 80D lab tests

JPEG signal to noise ratio analysis: The 80D performs very well here, indicating that it produces the cleanest images at the majority of sensitivity settings.

Canon EOS 80D lab tests

Raw (converted to TIFF) signal to noise ratio analysis: Apart from at ISO 100, the 80D beats the 70D indicating that images are a little cleaner – but there's little in it. It also beats the other competing cameras for much of the sensitivity range, only dropping a little behind the Pentax K-3 II and Sony A77 II at the upper few values.