Overall, the Samsung WB750 puts in a good performance. We clocked the lens taking approximately 3.5-4 seconds to pass through the zoom range from full wide setting to full telephoto, which is reasonable rather than remarkable. It also felt a little laggy, lacking the responsive snap of, say, the Canon Powershot SX260 HS's big zoom.

Where the Samsung WB750 does put in a decent performance against the stopwatch is in shutter response and focusing. Half-press the shutter release and it takes little time for the AF point to be highlighted in green, indicating a focus lock.

Samsung WB750 review

It takes around two seconds for the Samsung WB750 to pass a full-res JPEG to the memory card, and less than 2.5 seconds for the camera to go from sleep to first shot. Again, pretty quick - although there is a slightly niggling delay while the camera processes the shot with the screen blacked out.

Pictures dished up by the Samsung WB750 are generally pleasing. At ISO 100 or ISO 200, pictures are clean and colourful. Noise does start creeping in when sensitivity receives a moderate bump to ISO 400, though, and by ISO 800 edges and detail are starting to look choppy, with colour saturation weakening. Picture quality gets progressively worse at ISO 1600 and falls off a cliff by ISO 3200.

Samsung WB750 review

Exposure-wise, the Samsung WB750 generally performs well. Faced with high contrast scenes in bright sunshine, the metering system favours opening up the shadows at the expense of highlight detail. Some underexposure often yields a better result. The reverse is true for pictures taken in low light.

HD video quality from the camera is a slightly mixed bag too. The Samsung WB750 shoots 1080p movies at 30 frames per second, with the full range of the optical zoom and autofocus available during filming.

Samsung WB750 review

The stereo microphones do pick up the noise of the motor at times, and picture quality, although fairly detailed, is let down by brighter areas being overexposed. Moving between scenes illuminated by different light sources leads to some obvious stepping in colour balance and exposure as the camera tries to compensate.

Overall, though, the pictures and videos produced by the camera are good. It's in other areas of performance that the Samsung WB750 is left a little wanting - such as flash charging time (sluggish, at approximately four seconds) and underwhelming battery life.