Samsung WB750 review

Big value super zoom that's loaded with features

Samsung WB750 review
The Samsung WB750's zoom offers an equivalent reach of 24mm to 432mm

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Samsung cameras typically offer excellent value, with bags of features for the price. The Samsung WB750 doesn't disappoint in this respect, with Samsung bringing it more in line with similarly specced superzooms from rival manufacturers.

Live Panorama, HDR and Full HD video (plus a high speed video shooting mode) are welcome new additions to a camera that was already fully featured.

We liked

Serious picture-taking functions (Aperture Priority, extensive bracketing options, fast drive modes) are balanced with entertaining additions such as the strong set of digital filters and high speed video capture. This is a well-rounded camera with wide appeal.

We disliked

The shortish battery life is irksome, particularly since the battery has to be recharged in-camera via USB. It's certainly worth considering buying a second battery if you plan on taking this camera travelling.

Final verdict

The breadth of exposure modes and menu options means that the Samsung WB750 is a camera that both beginners and more advanced users can tailor to their needs. Hardcore travel photographers might bemoan the lack of GPS, but in almost all other respects it gives more expensive big zoom compacts such as the Panasonic TZ30 a run for their money.

Ultimately, if built-in GPS doesn't top your list of requirements, and you're prepared to put up with the slightly disappointing high ISO performance, then, at the current street price of £160/$170, the Samsung WB750 represents a bit of a bargain.