Samsung ST30 review

Samsung ventures into the world of miniature with the ST30

Samsung ST30
Packed into a small package, does the ST30 also deliver quality images?

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The main problem that the Samsung ST30 has is assumption. Consumers may see its small size and small price tag and immediately think it's inadequate. But its picture quality is very good for a camera at this level and if you can cope with the small screen and buttons then the ST30 will provide some nice pictures on your holiday.

The Samsung ST30 is most suited to families looking for a budget digital compact camera that is easily pocketed for security and convenience without compromising too much on quality. It's got a decent build so if one of the kids gets hold of it and drops it, there's more chance of the camera withstanding the impact. If you're looking for a budget digital compact camera that produces good pictures then this a camera worth looking at.

We liked

It could be a hindrance to some people, but we love the dinky size of the ST30. It takes great pictures which you can't appreciate until you see them on a computer.

We disliked

The lack of any "proper" camera sounds makes it sound more like a toy. The screen is sadly lacking in quality and you simply can't see whether the pictures are any good until you get home. By then, of course, it's too late.