Samsung ST30 review

Samsung ventures into the world of miniature with the ST30

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Built with an aluminium casing, the ST30 is available in five different colours and it feels solid enough although the battery lid is a feeble bendy plastic.

To make sure that the camera appeals to as many people as possible, it conforms to the ideology of what a digital compact camera should look like, only smaller. However, that doesn't mean that the camera handles badly. Sure it's small, but unless you have big hands then everything falls to your fingers nicely.

Samsung st30 review

As we mentioned before, the screen is slightly smaller than usual and this is obviously due to the small design of the camera. The screen resolution is lower as well, and it shows when taking pictures.

The Samsung ST30 is easy to use and it's certainly good enough for general use and 'quick snap' picture taking. The menu is a simple enough affair. Helpfully, Samsung has taken the most commonly used features and placed them in a separate menu system for easier use.