Ricoh PX review

A water, dust and shockproof compact camera with a high-res sensor

Ricoh PX
Rugged waterproof cameras don't have to look bulky and rough

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Ricoh px

The Ricoh PX is an interesting addition to the ever-expanding rugged digital camera market, and its build quality and ease of operation score points. It's also one of the few sub-£200 waterproof models on the market.

Sadly, it's a little on the bulky side and the position of its zoom rocker is less than convenient, while its images leave a lot to be desired.

We liked

A decent focusing system and design that separates it from many of its peers, the Ricoh PX is a solidly built camera with good underwater performance and a range of both useful and novelty functionality.

We disliked

Noise and its effects on image details is an issue with the Ricoh PX, while the awkward operation of the zoom and the basic LCD screen are equally unlikely to impress.


Rugged cameras have been around for long enough for us to no longer be simply happy to be able to shoot in harsh environments, get shots while in the sea or skiing. While the PX does a decent job of getting the subject sharp and correctly exposed, its images are let down by a relatively low level of detail. This limits the size of the prints that can be made, which is a shame if you are looking to blow-up shots from your holidays.