Panasonic lumix dmc fx90 review

The Panasonic Lumix FX90 may lack the option to shoot in raw format, but it's perfect for those who want to shoot and share web-friendly JPEGs without having to process each shot.

The camera is packed full of useful features such as the Panorama Assist mode, as well as a few superfluous modes such as the ability to add cheesy picture frames in-camera.

Some of the touchscreen controls are less effective than others. For example, by dragging your finger over the on-screen zoom icon you make the lens zoom in or out, but we found this virtual control was less responsive than the more tactile zoom button at the top of the camera.

When it comes to capturing a photo opportunity you can relax and save time by letting the camera's Intelligent Auto Mode choose the appropriate ISO, white balance and focus settings, instead of tinkering with menus.

We liked

The Leica lens helps reduce lens distortion and colour fringing. It's great to tap the Wi-Fi button and pop the shots onto our PC without a cable.

We disliked

The Smart Touch screen's fiddly icons make it harder to change settings quickly. Heavy compression settings add too many artefacts for a large print.

Final verdict

If you want to capture the antics of friends and family and share the images on a social network site or an iPad, then this camera will happily do the job, thanks to its welcome Wi-Fi connectivity.