Nikon Coolpix S6200 review

A stylish 16MP compact with a 10x zoom lens, 720p video and choice of five colours

Nikon Coolpix S6200
A stylish camera with a 10x zoom lens built-in

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Nikon coolpix s6200

As far as the design is concerned, there's nothing really groundbreaking on the Nikon Coolpix S6200. Tried and tested control methods result in a familiar user experience. A jog dial on the rear makes navigating menus a little quicker than via push-button methods, and although the buttons are small, they are well enough spaced to operate easily.

The slim body is constructed mostly from high-quality plastics. The white version we reviewed has a lacquered finish to the white front section, which can be quite slippery. Despite the light weight, this camera feels relatively durable. Even so, a protective case may be a sound investment, because the glossy finish will mark easily if placed in a pocket with keys or loose change.

Because there's no finger grip on the front to help secure a hold over the camera, handling can take a little time to get used to, especially if you prefer to use the camera with one hand. A small area to rest your thumb is provided between the screen and video recording button. This Record button is raised slightly, which effectively prevents it being pressed accidentally during use.

The speed of operation is good as far as the controls and menus are concerned. Menus are quick to load and easy to navigate, especially those for scene program modes, which are very clearly laid out.

However, picture-taking and autofocus leave plenty of room for improvement. Autofocus is slow at best, even in relatively good light, and especially at the telephoto end of the zoom. Many of the shots we took during lacked sharpness, with the camera confirming focus incorrectly. Although this happens with both stationary and moving subjects, it hampers the camera's ability to take sharp shots of anything that isn't static.

At 230,000 dots, the 2.7-inch screen isn't the highest resolution or largest on the market at the moment. Still, the screen is clear and reasonably easy to see in bright conditions.

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