Fuji FinePix XP150 review

A tough all-weather compact with photo-mapping GPS

Fuji FinePix XP150
The Fuji FinePix XP150 is a rugged camera to beat all rugged cameras

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The Fuji FinePix XP150 is a durable compact camera that captures crucial action shots across a variety of outdoor conditions. Critical viewing may reveal some loss of tonal gradation, but photos look fine at normal viewing.

A tough piece of equipment, the Fuji FinePix XP150 can take whatever's thrown at it.

We liked

The Fuji FinePix XP150 delivers well on its point and shoot ability to capture live action in both video and still formats. It's easy to use with the least amount of fiddling possible and looks good. The GPS is also a great feature for any outdoor photographer.

We disliked

The Motion Panorama 360 feature fell short of the mark. It's OK if you have time to spend spinning about on the spot, but if you want to capture a 360-degree view of those snowy mountains before you ski off then you might have problems.

Final verdict

The Fujifilm FinePix XP150's price of £199.99 in the UK and $379.99 in the US is excellent value for a rugged camera with this much technology.

The Fuji FinePix XP150 is a fast and easy to use camera that should survive all manner of outdoor pursuits with the adventurous photographer. Reasonably priced and with a wide array of specialised functions, it's definitely a contender in the tough outdoor camera market.